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Fast & automatic digital transformation of your legacy applications.
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Blu Age makes COBOL Digital

If you don't have access to

Because your business applications are unique, we make them digital

Technology is evolving at an exponential speed. So do applications, code, and the complexity of legacy IT. We believe legacy applications should not be a barrier to taking full advantage of the latest digital technologies. We also believe bringing legacy portfolios up-to-date should not require huge and costly transformation projects.

Automatically & rapidly transform your legacy applications into full-digital

Our technology automatically extracts the functional rules (business rules, processes, features, services, etc.) of your legacy applications from the source code. It builds a comprehensive model of what they do; designs a new, lean, and reliable architecture; and writes new and optimized high-quality code in advanced languages and environments.

Your applications can be made 100% digital compliant with the latest technological standards and your business requirements no matter how complex or sensitive they may be.

We are a global company with a unique and reliable technology

We are a passionate, deeply committed, and highly skilled team operating worldwide
Since 2004, we have invested more than $80 million in R&D and continue to enhance the product.
For more than 10 years, we have successfully transformed millions of lines of code and automated the digital transformation of legacy applications in many industries: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, Utilities and Government.
We have strong partnerships with world class system integrators such as Accenture, DXC Technology and HPE Pointnext.

Blu Age, a recognized, proven, and reliable technology, is the most efficient path for organizations to digitally transform their legacy applications.