A Project View of Transforming
PowerBuilder to a Web Application

WEBINAR Thursday, May 16 2019

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A Streamlined Journey
from Legacy to Microservices

WEBINAR Thursday, April 25 2019

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Blu Age - Mainframe Migration
on Steroids

Alexis Henry - Blu Age CTO - and Daniel Kreuzhover - AWS Sr. Solutions Architect - introduce latest Blu Age technology and AWS added value services to accelerate your Zos/DB2 mainframe migration to cloud native architecture.

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A success story: Belastingdienst

Capgemini successfully helps Tax and Customs Administration
with refactoring to support new technologies.

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Legacy Code & Data Analysis
Blu Age Analyzer

Application code analysis brings key and comprehensive metrics for fine control of your legacy portfolio. Blu Age Analyzer highlights the relationships between application components to automate application understanding and to accelerate decomposition into microservices.

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Automatic Refactoring
Blu Age Velocity

Full automation allows quick modernization projects, low risks and optimized budgets. It substantially accelerates the adoption of Cloud native services. Blu Age Velocity transforms your COBOL and PL/I applications to Java with 100% accuracy.

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Automated Application Rewriting
Blu Age Classic

Modernize your legacy applications to the Cloud relying on the target architecture of your choice. Blu Age Classic digitizes your applications without any runtime or proprietary classes. Your application portfolio is preserved from obsolescence and from technological dependencies.

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Modernization Factory
Blu Genius

Follow a proven modernization methodology that guides the modernization Project Manager through an efficient and unique workflow. Blu Genius automates the full scope of a legacy modernization project including portfolio assessment, code and data migration, packaging and tests.

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Our mission: Help private and public organizations to enter the digital era by modernizing their legacy systems while substantially reducing modernization costs, shortening projects duration and mitigating the risk of failure.

Blu Age modernization in numbers

Faster modernization projects Blu Genius for FREE

Up to 20 Times Faster

Shorten your Cloud migration from months to weeks or days.

Cheaper modernization projects

4 to 10 Times Cheaper

Automation minimizes the workload for experienced developers.

Successful modernization projects

100% Success

All technical risks are identified, measured and addressed at early stage.

Why use Blu Age ?

Proven Solutions

Blu Age products have been successfully used in more than 80 projects.

Faster Projects

The high degree of automation substantially reduces projects duration.

Minimized Risks

100% of the potential risks are identified, mitigated and controlled at early stage.

100% Automated

Blu Age fully automates the modernization of legacy code and data into modern technologies.

High Quality Code

Blu Age generates modern source code ready for future evolutions and maintenance.

Reduced Budgets

Blu Age guarantees highly competitive financial offers in the modernization landscape.

Blu Age accelerates your modernization into the world’s top Cloud providers

Digital technologies such as Cloud, mobile, and smart assistants are creating a world of new opportunities for businesses today, helping companies save millions, creating efficiencies, improving quality, and increasing product visibility. Unfortunately, legacy systems seldom support digital technologies and when coupled with the numbers of skilled workers retiring, legacy systems are becoming increasingly risky and costly to operate-making legacy modernization mission-critical.

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If you are looking for Mainframe COBOL, PL/I, Natural Adabas, CA Ideal Datacom, PowerBuilder, RPG 400, Delphi, CoolGen, Visual Basic or any other legacy language modernization to the Cloud, Blu Age gets you there with speed, scale and safety.

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Blu Genius is now available for Google Cloud
A success story : Belastingdienst
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A Project View of Transforming PowerBuilder to a Web Application
A Streamlined Journey from Legacy to Microservices