We are pleased to share that Blu Age has joined AWS
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We're proud to provide an innovative service that simplifies mainframe migration for customers and transforms business applications and databases to modern applications, running in the cloud. Together with AWS, we look forward to reaching and helping more customers.

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3 most popular Blu Age videos - testimonial & demonstrations

AWS Mainframe Modernization Blu Age Refactor Demonstration - AWS Online Tech Talks

59min, 39sec.

Sirius Migration: with AWS Blu Age

10min, 57sec - short version: 5min, 37sec.

re:Invent 2022 - Value of AWS Blu Age automated refactoring with AWS Mainframe Modernization

55min, 28sec.

AWS Blu Age

Our mission

Help private and public organizations to enter the digital era by modernizing their legacy systems while substantially reducing modernization costs, shortening projects duration and mitigating the risk of failure.

Why use Blu Age?

Proven Solutions

Blu Age products have been successfully used in more than 100 projects.

Faster Projects

The high degree of automation substantially reduces projects duration.

Minimized Risks

100% of the potential risks are identified, mitigated and controlled at early stage.

100% Automated

Blu Age fully automates the modernization of legacy code and data into modern technologies.

High Quality Code

Blu Age generates modern source code ready for future evolutions and maintenance.

Reduced Budgets

Blu Age guarantees highly competitive financial offers in the modernization landscape.

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