Blu Age Lab

Beyond the technical modernization, Blu Age brings a strong expertise in the design and integration of added value services. Get expertise about microservices, smart assistants, Cloud native-services integration into your modernized application.

What is Blu Age Lab ?

Blu Age legacy modernization experts

Skilled Experts

Blu Age Lab is made of passionate experts combining business and technical skills.

From legacy to Cutting-edge Technologies with Blu Age

Cutting-edge Technologies

Blu Age Lab unlocks new value from emerging technologies: Digital Assistants, Chatbot, Smart Data, Blockchain...

Agile Process for successful modernization projects

Agile Process

Blu Age Lab promotes Agile, Dev Ops, and other iterative methodologies.

Digital technologies have not only enabled the boom of social networks, but they have also completely changed the relationship between consumers/users and brands. Blu Age accelerates the adoption of new technological trends that allow to build unique user experiences. The original design of the legacy application is transformed into a modern layered and micro-services based architecture allowing for mobile-friendly web interfaces, Chatbot, smart assistants... to improve the user experience.

Cloud native managed services

The benefits of Cloud Managed Services are tremendous: cost savings, predictable and recurring monthly costs, future-proofed technologies, custom and integrated services. Blu Age Lab supports the definition of the most suitable architecture using your favorite Cloud Providers Services.

Innovative User Experience

Thanks to the transformation automation, the modern application can be validated and adopted by end-users without the need for specific training or intensive testing. Additionally, the new-layered architecture offers the possibility to re-think the user experience by adding new features such as responsive design capabilities for a mobile-friendly layout, etc.

New Interactional Platforms

Voice-controlled Digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa have revolutionized interaction with smart devices, websites, and mobile applications. Next Generation Internet will be interactional and conversational, i.e., rather than text or touch, the voice is the new user interface. Applications modernized within Blu Age are positioned to benefit from this revolution.

Microservices-based Architecture

Microservices adoption for a monolithic application is not a click and point process. Both technical and functional considerations have to be taken into account before and after the code and data transformation. A deep analysis combining legacy experts on one side and business experts on the other side is compulsory. Blu Age Lab has built a methodology to support and accelerate this architecture definition.