Blu Age Corporation is a software company specialized in Model Driven Architecture and Architecture Driven Modernization located in Plano TX. Blu Age's technology relies on UML model and model transformations to generate applications and extract information from existing ones. Our tools are developed over the Eclipse Platform to support Legacy Modernization to J2EE. We are also member of the Object Management Group and the Eclipse Foundation.
We have currently 6 positions opened for consultants in our Plano offices.


After a 2 weeks training course on our Blu Age forward and reverse product and passing the "Blu Age Consultant" examination, she/he operates:

  • In our Modelling team, he builds application from UML models, takes part in workshops to specify the application behaviour, generates and tests the application to meet the business needs.
    She/He takes part in Modernization of Legacy Application Projects in refining UML models extracted from legacy application to meet new business requirements while keeping the same backend logic as the legacy application with an SOA architecture.
  • In our Technical Department, to become an expert in our Blu Age product configuration.
    The generator is in line with SOA standards and allows to configure the communication with other systems. She/He builds cartridges for the latest technical frameworks such a Flex, CXF, Ajax, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF, EJB3. He generates J2EE and MS.NET applications for SGBD, ORACLE, SQL Server and MySQL. She/He contributes to enrich our reversal knowledge base on technology such as COBOL, PACBASE, POWERBUILDER, NATSTAR and PL/SQL.

In an environment of proficiency and excellence, she/he is part of dynamic and innovation oriented teams on substantial projects and converses with internal interlocutors (Blu Age Support Team, Analysts, Project Manager) as well as external interlocutors (System Integrators such as HP Enterprise Services , SOPRA Group, Logica, Infosys or HCL).


Master in engineering by preference, she/he has excellent knowledge in IT practices.
She/He has significant experience in developing in JAVA and/or .NET for important projects in an IT consulting firm or in the IT departments of a big business. She/He has between 2 and 5 years of experience.
She/He can speak fluently English. An understanding of Hindi and/or French would be a plus.
Strong knowledge of Java or/and .Net technology, UML, SOA and MDA.

To apply for this job, please send your resume and covering letter to
Good Luck!