Download Eclipse 2020-09 R

In association with the Eclipse Foundation, Blu Age is pleased to offer a free download of the latest Eclipse release.


We also invite you to discover our MDA based reverse and forward engineering plugins for Eclipse, for full automated Legacy application modernization.

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Eclipse Packages

Tools for Java developers creating Java EE and Web applications, including a Java IDE, tools for Java EE, JPA, JSF, Mylyn...

The essential tools for any Java developer, including a Java IDE,
a Git client, XML Editor, Mylyn, Maven integration and WindowBuilder...

An IDE for C/C++ developers with Mylyn integration.

Package suited for development of Eclipse itself at Eclipse.

The essential tools for Java and DSL developers, including a Java & Xtend IDE, a DSL Framework (Xtext), a Git client.

A complete set of tools for developers who want to create Eclipse plug-ins, Rich Client Applications or Remote Application Platform (RCP+RAP).

The essential tools for any PHP developer, including PHP language support, Git client, Mylyn and editors for JavaScript, HTML, CSS and...

The essential tools for any JavaScript developer, including JavaScript language support, Git client, Mylyn and editors for JavaScript, HTML, CSS and...

The Modeling package provides tools and runtimes for building model-based applications.

This package contains Eclipse features that support the software development quality assurance process, such as Jubula and Mylyn.

The essential tools for any Rust developer, including Rust language support, Git client, command-line integration, Mylyn and editors.

Tools for C, C++, Fortran, and UPC, including MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC, a parallel debugger, and remotely building, running and monitoring applications...

Eclipse Scout is a framework to develop Java/Eclipse based business applications that run on the desktop, in browsers, and on mobile.