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[Try Blu Genius for FREE] A new version of Blu Genius is now available on AWS Marketplace. Native support for more Amazon Cloud databases (i.e., Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora MySQL, Amazon RDS PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS MySQL) and caches (i.e., Amazon ElastiCache for Redis) have been added in order to help our customers make benefits of AWS managed services and choose the best Cloud database for their modernized applications.

Blu Genius is the only SaaS that automates full scope of a legacy modernization project. It includes legacy portfolio assessment, program & data dependencies analysis, migration, packaging, and tests of code and data to a digital Cloud-native architecture. Our customers are able to connect to the Blu Genius platform, upload their legacy source code and data in a secure Cloud account, follow a methodological workflow and perform their transformations with no need of expertise in COBOL.

Try Blu Genius for FREE

Free trials are possible, spin up instances of Blu Genius within few clicks using your existing AWS Cloud account

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