iSeries RPG and COBOL Modernization Webinar

Turn your RPG and COBOL400 into Web-based Java and turn off your iSeries/AS400

iSeries/AS400 RPG & COBOL400 Modernization Webinar

Modernizing your RPG & COBOL400 iSeries/AS400 applications into a modern Java/Angular/HTML5/Spring architecture has never been safer, easier or more cost effective. As the iSeries/AS400 continues down the legacy path, its technology debt continues to increase and the ability to find skilled resources continues to decrease. Your business cannot afford for its mission critical business logic to continue to be limited by the iSeries/AS400. The answer is not bolt on extensions and patches that increase complexity without addressing the fundamental legacy technology debt issues.

The answer is to automatically refactor your existing RPG & COBOL400 iSeries/AS400 applications into a modern Java/Angular/HTML5/Spring application using Blu Age. Blu Age can transform the valuable business logic in your applications and provide you with a fully functional equivalent version based on the latest Java technology. Imagine your users having access to a web-based user interface based on Angular and HTML5; your IT staff enhancing the application using the latest Java environment, tools and devops processes; and your budget going to new enhancements instead of paying for proprietary iSeries/AS400 licenses and specialized resources.

The reality that makes this dream come true is Blu Age’s incremental modernization process based on modernization best practices and Blu Age state-of-the-art transformation technology. It utilizes automated continuous build, deploy and test processes; and a series of strict quality gates that ensures that your new application will be 100% functionally equivalent and maintainable. Blu Age’s unique project methodology and governance mechanisms ensure a successful and pragmatic project.

This webinar covers the iSeries/AS400 modernization best practices and shows how Blu Age employs them to allow you to solve your iSeries/AS400 legacy issues once and for all in the most cost-effective manner available.

When ?

  • December 20, 2018
  • 11:00 AM - Eastern
  • 6:00 PM - Paris (GMT+1)
  • Duration : 60 minutes


  • Reasons to Modernize an iSeries/AS400 Application
  • iSeries/AS400 Modernization Best Practices
    • Target Environment
    • Modernization Methodology
    • Program Modernization
    • PF File Data Modernization
    • DSPF Screen Modernization
    • Cloud Target State
  • Modernization Project Best Practices
    • Functionality, Performance, Maintainability
    • Project Execution
  • How to Evaluate the Viability, Cost and Duration of Modernizing Your Application
Your speaker:
Jeff Shelby
Jeff Shelby

Director Of Business Development at Blu Age

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Our commitment is to help private and public organizations to digitalize their legacy business applications and databases. We have been operating for more than 10 years on modernization projects for customers from the major industries: banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, telco, utilities and governments in many European and American countries.