COBOL/Mainframe to Java/Cloud Webinar

Don’t settle for a COBOL replatform - go to a Cloud Native Java architecture
for the same budget and timeframe!

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COBOL/Mainframe to Java/Cloud Webinar

It is no secret that that there are huge benefits to a successful migration from the mainframe. The trouble is that your COBOL mainframe is a complex mission critical environment and making the move away from it is intimidating. One common option has been to simply lift and shift your COBOL applications from the mainframe to a mainframe-emulated environment on open systems or the Cloud. Unfortunately, this is a short-term incomplete fix. It does nothing to address the problems of COBOL sustainability nor does it put you into a modern architecture that can fully utilize the technical and financial benefits of the Cloud. While there have been other options, none could compete with the low risk, timeframe and price point of COBOL replatforming… UNTIL NOW!

Blu Genius is a highly automated and quality controlled modernization process that transforms your existing COBOL mainframe applications into modern Java/Angular/HTML5/Spring application for a similar investment and timeframe as simply replatforming. Your Blu Age modernized application can take full advantage of Cloud Native features unavailable to COBOL applications.

Blu Genius has also eliminated any risk associated with the transformation from Mainframe COBOL to Java. The transformation and verification processes uses DevOps standard tools like Eclipse, Jenkins, Maven and Git so the transformed code is easily maintained. The modernized Java will take advantage of Docker and Kurbernetes for easy deployment and scalability. To reduce any risk, Blu Genius uses a series of quality gates based on independent industry metrics to ensure that the modernized Java application is functionally equivalent, maintainable, reliable, secure, and performant.

Don’t just settle for an “as is” lift and shift of your legacy Cobol when for the same budget and timeframe, you can transform it to a modern Java architecture and completely leverage every technical and financial benefit associated with the move to the Cloud.

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When ?

  • january 31, 2019
  • 11:00 AM - Eastern
  • 6:00 PM - Paris (GMT+1)
  • Duration : 60 minutes


  • Blu Age Modernization vs Replatforming
  • Mainframe to Cloud Process Overview
  • Demonstration of Process
    • Analysis
    • Transformation
    • Build
    • Deploy
    • Quality Controls
  • How to Evaluate the Viability, Cost and Duration of Modernizing Your Application
Your speakers:
Jeff Shelby
Jeff Shelby

Director Of Business Development at Blu Age

Jean-Luc Recoussine
Jean-Luc Recoussine

COBOL Modernization Expert

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Blu Age

Our commitment is to help private and public organizations to digitalize their legacy business applications and databases. We have been operating for more than 10 years on modernization projects for customers from the major industries: banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, telco, utilities and governments in many European and American countries.