Blu Genius is now available for Google Cloud (GCP)

Blu Genius

Mainframe users have a new automated path to the technological and financial benefits of the Google Cloud. In fact, BluĀ Genius automates the full modernization project including legacy portfolio assessment, code analysis, migration of code and data, and verification into a Java-based native Google Cloud architecture.

Blu Genius produces applications that utilize modern service-oriented architectures and true object-oriented programming practices in order to take advantage of the services provided by the Cloud. Blu Genius is the most efficient way to transform the business logic in your legacy applications. This allows your organization to retain the valuable business functionality in your legacy mainframe applications while obtaining the economic and technical benefits of a modern Java application hosted in the Google Cloud.

A Blu Genius modernization has a similar investment and duration as a traditional re-host project with the added benefit of providing you with a highly sustainable Java application instead of leaving you in the legacy language.

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