A Streamlined Journey from Legacy to Microservices

During the last few years, there has been a dramatic change as digital transformation has changed the IT world. Unfortunately, the legacy computer systems that provide this information have struggled to keep up.

The most efficient and cost-effective answer is to take the business logic trapped in these legacy applications and transform it into new modern Java or .NET environments.

Mainframe monolithic applications have grown over the years with overwhelming complexity. They often mix different languages and data stores with various interfaces, evolving coding standards, online and batch, and millions of lines of code.

Other Technologies have grown out of favor making them hard to support and isolating them. As a result, many corporations and public agencies are looking for strategies to transform their applications trapped in legacy mainframe and other legacy environments to modern environments that allow them to take full benefits of the Cloud and microservices.

Java or .NET environments can take full advantage of the agility and scalability of the Cloud managed services or on-premise technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. During this process, Blu Age will create a modern microservice-ready environment that is well structured and utilizes componentized services. This provides the most efficient path to a true microservices environment.

When ?

  • Thursday, April 25 2019
  • 11:00 AM - Eastern
  • 5:00 PM - Paris (GMT+2)
  • Duration: 30 minutes presentation and 30 minutes demonstration


  • Migrating to Microservices: benefits and challenges
  • Defining the Microservice journey
    • Mining Microservices out of code and data
    • Solving cross dependencies and data replication challenges
  • Target architecture and associated options
    • Container as a Service architecture
    • Serverless architecture
  • Legacy to Microservices demonstration
    • Isolating and migrating microservice from legacy Cobol Application
    • Deploying to Containers
    • Deploying to AWS lambda
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Alexis Henry
Alexis Henry

CTO - VP Engineering R&D

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Our commitment is to help private and public organizations to digitalize their legacy business applications and databases. We have been operating for more than 10 years on modernization projects for customers from the major industries: banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, telco, utilities and governments in many European and American countries.