Automated Mainframe COBOL

to AWS using Java or Serverless COBOL

Automated mainframe monolithic COBOL applications decompositionas a set of functions deployed into AWS Serverless. Shake your chips!

Facing the modern digital business makes us customer obsessed and rethink the strategic use of data. Applications are required to be organized for value and operated and maintained following a new test and learn culture.

Increase business agility and fully integrate legacy applications into the enterprise architecture provides compelling business reasons to modernize and migrate mainframe workloads.

In this webinar we explore how critical COBOL applications are migrated to AWS Serverless to optimize costs by paying only for what you use. Whilst there are many reasons you should make this move, the most important are:

  • New features in weeks
  • Enabling developers productivity
  • 1000x more market events
  • Querying from mins to secs
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Zero cost architecture

These are strong arguments but going from a mainframe COBOL environment to an AWS Serverless ecosystem may seem like a daunting challenge. Blu Age and AWS have collaborated together to make this process manageable, affordable, and at very low risk. Keys are the application automated decomposition and a complete technical architecture automated shift.

Blu Age methodology transforms applications from a mainframe architecture to agile function-oriented Java applications deployable onto AWS Serverless. It addresses the need for microservices, performance, agile maintenance and agile deployment. The refactored code eliminates technical debt (removal of legacy issues and dependencies). It takes advantage of AWS cloud services to forward generate business statements leveraging modern frameworks and preserving the business logic and execution flow.

Sign up for this webinar to see how by working with Blu Age and AWS, you can:

  • Automatically transform legacy applications to AWS-based Java or Serverless COBOL applications
  • Validate the quality, maintainability, functional equivalence, and performance of the AWS-based application
  • Take advantage of AWS managed services embedded in the target application
  • Benefit from the combined best practices of AWS and Blu Age
  • Experience the ongoing technical and financial benefits of being in the AWS Cloud

When ?

  • Thursday, July 25th 2019
  • 11:30 AM - Eastern
  • 6:30 PM - Paris (GMT+2)
  • Duration : 60 minutes


  • Benefits of Moving Mainframe Applications to AWS
  • Mainframe to Cloud Overview
  • Java or Serverless COBOL
  • Demonstration of the Automated Transformation Process
  • How to Evaluate the Viability, Cost and Duration of Modernizing Your Application to AWS
Your speakers:
Jeff Shelby
Jeff Shelby

Director Of Business Development at Blu Age

Xavier Plot
Xavier Plot

Business Development & Cloud Partner Alliances Manager

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