Benefits and Path from Mainframe COBOL to Java

in an Azure Native Environment

Benefits and Path from Mainframe COBOL to Java in an Azure Native Environment

It is no secret that modernizing your mainframe COBOL applications into Azure provides substantial measurable financial and technological advantages.

These include:

  • Increasing speed of deployment, operation, and scalability
  • Increasing business agility via faster development cycles
  • Eliminating the high cost of the mainframe environment
  • Reducing the need for specialized legacy resources
  • Taking advantage of Azure security and compliance

However, to take advantage of these Azure benefits you must get your application from the mainframe. For custom developed applications that are still mission critical to the business, there are two main ways to get their business functionality into Azure:

  • Rehost it but keep its legacy development environment and continue to maintain it (usually COBOL).
  • Transform the source code to a modern language environment like C#/.NET or Java.

This webinar addresses the transformation approach. Blu Age provides the processes and technology to transform your mainframe COBOL applications to C#/.NET or Java. Blu Age extracts the application’s functionality from the COBOL source code and refactors it to the desired target architecture, generating new object-oriented and service-oriented code. Through the use of automation application refactoring, DevOps processes, quality gates, and automated verification, Blu Age eliminates any risk associated with changing technologies and makes the investment and duration of the modernization project comparable to simply rehosting.

After the Blu Age transformation, your applications will be able to take full advantage of Azure.

When ?

  • Thursday, August 22nd 2019
  • 11:30 AM - Eastern
  • 6:30 PM - Paris (GMT+2)
  • Duration : 60 minutes


  • Financial and Technological Benefits of Moving Mainframe Applications to Azure
  • Mainframe to Cloud Modernization Process Overview
    • Automatically transform legacy applications to Azure-based C#/.NET/Java applications
    • Validate the quality, maintainability, functional equivalence, and performance of the transformed application
    • in the target application
  • Benefit from the combined best practices of Azure and Blu Age
  • Demonstration of the Blu Age Automated Transformation Process
  • Understanding the Cost and Duration of Modernizing Your Application to Azure
Your speakers:
Jeff Shelby
Jeff Shelby

Director Of Business Development at Blu Age

Jean-Luc Recoussine
Jean-Luc Recoussine

COBOL Modernization Expert

Azure TBD

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