Don't let your IMS App stop you

from obtaining economic and agility Cloud benefits

Don’t let your IMS App stop you from obtaining economic and agility Cloud benefits

Mainframes are no longer the economic processing powerhouses that they used to be. This has lead to an escalating number of mainframe-centric data centers to look at the economic and technological advantages of using Java and the Cloud. However, there are some things that the mainframe does well that have historically not had counterparts in a Java environment. These can be showstoppers to you gaining these benefits.

IMS is one such showstopper. Its hierarchical model is optimized for extremely high transaction rates. Data centers use it specifically to be able to efficiently perform large scale data process. The question is how do provide similar functionality in a Java architecture. Trying to force fit this into a relational database requires code and data restructuring as well as usually resulting in significant performance challenges.

Blu Age has the answer.

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When ?

  • New date - Thursday, October 10th 2019
  • 11:30 AM - Eastern
  • 6:30 PM - Paris (GMT+2)
  • Duration : 60 minutes


  • Benefits of taking mainframe IMS applications to Java
  • The unique functionality of IMS
  • Challenges in forcing IMS applications to use relational databases
  • Details of the Solution
    • Architecture
    • IMS Functions in the new solution
    • Performance
  • How to Evaluate the Viability, Cost and Duration of Modernizing Your IMS Application to Java
Your speakers:
Jeff Shelby
Jeff Shelby

Director Of Business Development at Blu Age

Frederic Vermenouze
Frederic Vermenouze

General Manager Blu Age Corporation

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