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Blu Insights

There’s literally NOTHING more important to Blu Age than deeply understanding our customers’ modernization needs and addressing them by releasing new products and new features to satisfy those needs. Blu Age has an intensive and continuous R&D effort that allows us to propose innovative solutions that have been tested and validated on multiple business-critical modernization projects.

A consistent concern of our prospects and customers has always been how modernization projects, which are generally large and complex, can be managed most successfully (i.e. multiple stakeholders to keep informed; large datasets to be migrated; millions of lines of code; thousands of files written in dozens of legacy programming languages to analyze, to decompose into work packages, to transform to modern technologies; new applications to package, to test with hundreds of test scenarios, and to deploy in modern environments).

The answer is obvious: we have mature products coupled to a proven methodology which have been iteratively and incrementally tested and improved for more than 15 years!

The question is how can we provide our customers visibility into this. To this end, we have developed Blu Insights. This product is dedicated to modernization project management (and any project that starts with existing source code base (like decomposition into microservices, analysis, features flipping, etc.) is our answer to an actual gap in the market. Actually, although the market is full of excellent project management solutions such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana, MS Project, etc. none of these existing solutions addresses the specificities of modernization projects like Blu Insights.

Today we decided to bring Blu Insights to the modernization market and share it with all interested parties as a SaaS platform available at

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Blu Insights

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