Blog post #5: Don't fall in love with pedigree

In the previous blog post, we shared an overview of the market and how to look for a serious modernization partner. In this blog post, we will give you an exhaustive checklist to validate before you make your decision to go with any potential partner.

In modernization, there have been a lot of projects that failed although all the conditions seem to be in place to deliver a huge success (i.e. a large company, a bench of experts and architects, a huge budget, etc.). However, despite millions spent, the legacy system has become even more legacy during the modernization project, which does not indicate progress at all. The reasons of these failures are numerous but in most cases are related to the lack of expertise.

Before you sign your modernization project,
make sure you are sitting in front a serious modernization partner which:

  • Has references that accept to be contacted;
  • Is recognized as an actor of the modernization ecosystem (see previous post);
  • Has tools and products to automate the whole project;
  • Accepts to perform challenging proof-of-concepts;
  • Has a proven methodology and know-how to let you reach your KPIs;
  • Is able to clearly define the role of each stakeholder (your teams, his teams and third-party partner teams if any);
  • Demonstrates its ability to manage, organize, run and deliver your project thanks to technical experts with strong track records (in modernization not in any other domain!);
  • Is able to guide you on the most convenient target architecture;
  • Proposes a transparent, iterative and collaborative project management platform;

In the next blog posts, we are going to get into details about most of the aforementioned qualities of a serious modernization partner.

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