Blog post #10: Modernization Projects: DOs and DON'Ts

This is the last blog post of our series about our tips & tricks for modernization projects. In this article we will share a list of things to avoid before, during and after your modernization project.

  • Don’t dive into a full project before experimenting the process;
  • Don’t ask for new features during the modernization;
  • Don’t focus on transformation only;
  • Don’t confuse project metrics and project KPIs;
  • Don’t neglect your team worries;
  • Don’t underestimate your role in the success of the modernization project;
  • Don’t use proprietary APIs and frameworks;
  • Don’t ask for advice people who will not be involved in your project;
  • Don’t fall for unrealistic timelines and “magical” solutions, successful modernization requires investment, commitment and effort.

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