Legacy to Digital

Blu Age provides reliable software tools, proven methodology and experienced experts to successfully and rapidly modernize your Legacy portfolio. We transform applications, data and infrastructure from rigid legacy environments to Digital, taking advantage of today’s open source, Digital architectures and modern cloud environments.

Blu Age, the most efficient way to migrate your Legacy to real Digital world!

While facing a period of IT budget rationalization, the share of the maintenance for legacy applications in the IT budget is constantly increasing and jeopardizes investments for new project to support new areas of business. Cost of maintenance for legacy business Applications that are vital for running enterprise’s activities are constantly increasing from year to year while skills in legacy language programming are progressively retiring. The most reliable, efficient and cost effective solution for solving such issues is to transform and re-architect Application built with legacy programming language into object oriented applications based on modern language such as Java, Javascript or .Net and leveraging Cloud technologies. Blu Age is making this happen. Blu Age's industrial solution is the most efficient, secure and non-intrusive path for any organization wishing to rejuvenate its strategic business Apps.
We use agile and highly automated methods to quickly modernize your legacy applications running on old technologies like Mainframe Cobol and Pacbase, to high quality applications on modern technology platforms like Microsoft®. NET, Java and JavaScript. Blu Age Legacy Application Modernisation Solutions is powered by:
• Blu Age Legacy Procedural to Cloud and Client/Server to Cloud Software Product Suite (with Database and Data modernization toolset, Reverse and Forward Engineering capabilities, and a continuous integration chain),
Blu Age Velocity Framework, enabling a fully automated transformation to Digital for Cobol & Pl/1 mainframe applications,
• Blu Age Legacy to Cloud proven Methodology,
• Blu Age Professional Services and Blu Age System Integrators Partners Expertise in Legacy Modernization.

Fast, reliable, accurate, open & cost effective

We provide Reliable, Repeatable, and Affordable Application Modernisation Solutions, combining our technical expertise with intelligence embedded in the Blu Age tooling and methodology to provide our customer with the best in breed modernisation solution at the best price and minimum risk.
Blu age offers turnkey delivery and implementation services as fixed price projects. Adaptable for each client's case, these services could cover all or part of the project.
With its operational solutions modernizing your applications quickly and at the lowest cost, Blu Age allows you to:
• Control the budgets of modernization;
• Ensure the quality of the deliverables through the automation of code and tests generation;
• Reduce the risks inherent in this type of project;
• Benefit from the flexibility of the modern technologies with minimal change for users;
• Capitalize on business assets embedded in legacy applications;
• Strengthen the agility of your applications;
• Anticipate and avoid future technological obsolescence by using model driven modern architectures.

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