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Groupe Pierre & Vacances CenterParcs

Groupe Pierre & Vacances / Center Parcs is a Travel & Leisure company specialized in nights booking, leisure services for Winter and Summer, sea and mountains, providing holiday and entertainment villages, resort activities and hotel rooms under various brands like Pierre & Vacances, Maeva, Center Parcs, Sunparks, and Adagio.

The headquarters of the company is in France and the core area of the company’s activities is France, but it also has facilities in the Carabean, Belgium, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain, with 7,455 employees.


SVP Innovation & Information Systems

With a revenue of 1.47 billion and more than 46,300 apartments and houses, and over 200,000 beds, the group offers its 8 million customers stays in 285 sites in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Business Need

Main business objectives were as follow:

  • Enhance functionally booking and pricing rules
  • Execute faster critical business functions
  • Move to an open source architecture to perform cost savings

The technical goals of the transformation project were to:

  • Relearn business logic and execution flow from existing booking system (POLO)
  • Refactor algorithms to achieve performance objectives
  • Keep existing complex business rules unchanged
  • Build a reliable Java/Spring application for future operations and maintenance

Customer Challenge

  1. A set of 6 critical business applications: Rules Management, Booking, Back office, Interfaces, Reporting and Management of promotions and distribution of all these elements to third-party partners via catalogs (both rooms & services) broadcasted externally in a real-time manner.
  2. Several multilingual booking call centers (193 screens)
  3. 4500 bookings per day, configuration of promotions by both resort centers and distribution channels
  4. 80 interfaces to third party systems like &
  5. 900 users (300 at the booking centers & 600 sites / headquarter)
  6. Improve http response time and page size for low bandwidth centers such as summer camp in the countryside…

Solution Description

The modernized JBoss/Java application was deployed initially on production PVCP infrastructure (on premises).
Then processing of catalogs was moved without changes into the AWS cloud.

Now on, this stable and reliable solution is made of the following business components:

Amazon EC2


Workflow (search, choose, validate) Workflow (search, choose, validate)
Last minute promotions Filter and contract by criteria
Other promotions Contract and client management from FO
Client management from FO  


Stock and availability
Payment schedule and Booking update, travel document

Data flows to third party

GOA Checks (Ramses)
SIF BI database
Catalog Rules from Excel
Village PMS SAP

Business Management & Back Office

Catalog export
Rules import

The 10 Key Features

  1. B2C & B2B Booking Application
    12 very complex & highly dinamic screen
  2. Destination & availability search
  3. Working profil
    Users & availability
  4. Contract management
  5. Payment management
  1. Booking management application
  2. Setup of locations, clients, sites…
  3. 169 screens
  4. 10 web services
  5. 39 batchs & 27 reports
Legacy Environment
AS400, 2.5 MLOC of generated RPG/400
Target Environment
The modernization deployed a HTML5/Java/Spring/Web Service/Hibernate web application into the AWS cloud
Blu Age Factory
Blu Age Classic, Blu Insights, Blu Age DB Modernization
Project duration & Production Go Live Date
18 months, live since October 2016
Project Budget
2.95M USD
Problem Statement
Obtain a Functional Equivalence in Java for the pricing module implemented on top of a legacy rules engine


  • They now have a stable and reliable catalog mechanism. They also have the reliability of results, reporting and exports. This allows them to streamline the promotion definition process and simplify the tool for setting up
  • Custom rules engine with rules management delegated to end-users
  • Equivalent rules engine implemented leveraging both business input files and data settings
  • Product catalogs are available to partners and on-the-fly integrated within time constraints
  • Application stability at all stages obtained by a business rules rationalization
  • Labor effort for booking, pricing and catalog creation have decreased from almost 10+ people to a much smaller team
  • Functional and technical pain point resolution: reliable exports & reports
  • Streamlining the process of defining promotions and simplifying the tool for setting them up