Blu Age Partner Program

Our Partner Program helps partners modernize legacy applications and get best practices on Blu Age products.

Joining the Blu Age Partner Program ensures your modernization services and projects success with our experts and consultants.

Why should you join our Partner Program ?

The Blu Age Partner Program aims at developing successful collaborations between our clients, technology providers and consulting firms by bringing them training and technical support on Blu Age technologies.  As a Blu Age Partner, you will have access to technical and marketing resources. You will also benefit from sales leads coming from companies wanting to modernize legacy applications using Blu Age products.

Technical Resources

As a Blu Age Partner, you will have access to training sessions for your developers as well as your sales teams. Delivered by our modernization experts, they will keep you up to date with state-of-the-art technologies and best practices.

Marketing collaboration

As a Partner, you will receive tailor-made marketing materials on modernization for your communications. You will also have access to joint customer-facing Webinars and Case Studies.

Inbound Sales Leads

As a member of the Partner Program, your technologies and services will be brought forward to relevant Blu Age prospects.

Our System Integrator Partners

Accenture can assist your organization to map its digital future in the cloud. Around the world, organizations of all sizes from every sector are moving to cloud computing. Accenture’s enterprise application migration services provide detailed, long-ranging, robust methodologies for migrating large application portfolios to cloud platforms. Accenture leverages Blu Age products in order to help you with legacy applications inventory, assessment, code analysis, migration planning, and execution.

DXC Technology and Blu Age have partnered since 2011 to help their customers with Fast & Automated Digital transformation. They have the services, skills and tools to analyze and transform legacy applications to the latest cloud and digital platforms. The Advisory services can assess applications and recommend a roadmap to the future state using the right modernization strategies. The Transformation services can help you achieve the future state for applications using automated tools and processes in a cost-optimized manner, to enable new business models and improve outcomes.

Our Technological Partners

Azure provides Cloud services and products tailored for all industries to help meet specific needs and drive innovation. As an Azure Partner, Blu Age accelerates and secures the migration of legacy applications to Azure while substantially reduces costs. Blu Age helps public organizations ans companies modernize through the adoption of Azure Cloud built-in services.


Amazon Web Services delivers a mature set of services specifically designed for large organizations that have proven effective in enabling the successful adoption of cloud computing. As an AWS Partner Network Technology Partner, Blu Age helps AWS customers transform legacy mainframe applications into fully digital applications hosted on an AWS public or hybrid cloud, taking full advantage of all AWS features.

Blu Age and AWS bring together complementary teams able to understand customers needs and to provide Cloud-ready digital applications compliant with security, privacy, performance, and regulatory requirements of the original legacy platform.


Blu Age Software is part of OPN as Gold Partner. Gold membership grants Blu Age Software access to training and qualification programs and ability to merchandise Oracle technology-based products. The Oracle Partner Network (OPN) provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base, and business opportunity.