Blu Age Analyzer

Analyze Legacy code and data, define modernization strategy and prepare for automated migration

Blu Age Analyzer

Leverage Blu Age Analyzer to unlock the value in your legacy business-critical applications.

Key Benefits

Application Visualization

Interact with your legacy source code using powerful visualization and analysis technology.

Automatic Layout

Detangle your source code and uncover the hidden structures with the help of precise automatic layouts.

Consolidated Metrics

Measure your portfolio – number of programs per type, lines of code, programs complexity, dead code…

Impact Analysis

Identify execution paths for each transaction or batch chain, boundary effects, coupling…

Modernization Strategy

Develop a tailored modernization strategy to meet your time frame, budget and resources.

Scalable and extensible

Explore millions of lines of code in multiple languages.

A Smart and Exhaustive Analysis

The IT Application Portfolio of any enterprise represents a significant historical investment and provides an essential foundation for current and future business activities. This investment requires continual analysis, classification and optimization in order to maintain alignment to business needs, manage costs, improve services and deliver appropriate value.

Blu Age Analyzer provides a complete ecosystem of analysis, exploration, visualization and reporting tools designed for any Mainframe COBOL, PL/I, RPG 400… application.

Within few minutes, Blu Age Analyzer enables developers, analysts, and executives to achieve a deep understanding of the application portfolio providing business and technical insights.

Blu Age Analyzer for legacy code analysis and assessment

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Key Features

In depth graphical and tabular exploration of legacy applications architecture to sharpen visibility into the structure of the code and its dependencies.
Automatic identification of application entry points, programs nature, dependencies to external systems, missing programs, isolated programs, common programs, cyclic dependencies, unresolved dynamic calls…
Powerful filtering capabilities to manipulate visualizations to show only the programs and calls you need and want to see, helping you to find the independent and/or interconnected applications you need to know about, and discover new insight along the way.
Large and complete set of metrics, reports, graph views and querying tools both at the source code and data levels.
Preparation for legacy modernization by examining the code structure and identifying potential vulnerabilities before a project begins.

Supported legacy languages and generators : Mainframe COBOL, COBOL VME, JCL, CICS, S-COBOL, T-COBOL, PACBASE, Cariatides, PL/I, RPG 400, etc.

Experienced by large companies

Blu Age Analyzer has been used into hundreds of complex legacy applications around the world in multiple industries.


Unlock the value in your legacy business-critical applications. Blu Age can help you rapidly analyze and visualize your applications portfolio and plan changes quickly, safely and efficiently.

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