Blu Age Classic

Automated Code & Data conversion.
From any Legacy language & related data to Java or .Net

Blu Age Classic

Blu Age Classic automatically extracts the business logic of complex and large legacy applications and accelerates their modernization into the target architecture of your choice.

Key Benefits

Accelerated Transformation

Automation of all the critical processes through built-in transformation sets, patterns recognition and 100% of target source code generation.


The generated modernized code is rated AAA with SonarQube using the standard configuration.

Refactoring & Extension

The modernized application is natively ready to integrate new added value features leveraging new technologies and frameworks.

Low risks

The modernized application is guaranteed to match the function, the behavior and the user interfaces of the legacy application.

Built for Digital Native Developers

No expertise in legacy languages is required. Digital native developers are released from the burden of legacy technologies.

Customized target architecture

Customers can fully customize the target architecture, define coding styles, patterns, frameworks, etc. to meet their technical requirements.

A Custom Modernization Path

Blu Age Classic is a proven modernization solution of legacy core applications into scalable, secure, web-based and consumer-centric applications. It allows modernizing any legacy application written in Mainframe COBOL, Pacbase, RPG 400, Natural Adabas, CA Ideal Datacom, PowerBuilder, etc. into .NET or Java.

Blu Age Classic natively supports a dozen legacy languages as well as most of the modern target architectures built upon recognized patterns and frameworks used worldwide by developers.

It is delivered with ready-for-use transformation sets both for source code, data, data schema and user interfaces modernization.

Thanks to its extensibility capabilities, Blu Age Classic can be fine-tuned to meet specific requirements (in-house or proprietary framework, strict coding styles, etc.).

Automated Legacy Applications Modernization

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Key Advantages

Blu Age Classic - From Legacy to Cloud native Technologies
Technological Independence
Blu Age Classic modernizes large and complex legacy applications into the target architecture of your choice without any runtime or proprietary classes. Your application portfolio is preserved from obsolescence and from technological dependencies.
Future-Proof Modern Application
Blu Age Classic extracts and optimizes strategic business processes and allows your organization to retain the business knowledge, as UML2 models, which can be adapted to future technologies.
User-friendly Integrated Environment
Blu Age Classic relies on the latest versions of the Eclipse IDE to provide advanced features for code navigation, editing, debugging, etc. as well as seamless integration to third parties tools such as Jenkins, SonarQube, Selenium, etc.

100+ Million modernized lines of code

Blu Age Classic has been successfully used to modernize more than 80 large and complex applications written in Mainframe COBOL, PL/I, Delphi, RPG 400, Pacbase, Powerbuilder, Natural Adabas, CA Ideal Datacom, Java, VB6, etc.

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Together we can define a subset of your source code and data to demonstrate the capabilities of Blu Age Classic within a set budget and timeframe that meets your modernization KPIs. Contact us for a Proof-of-Concept.

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