Blu Age Compare Tool

Powerful database and data file comparison tool
Compares database tables, csv-like files and more

Blu Age Compare

Track your differences with Blu Age Compare Tool

The Blu Age Compare Tool gives you the ability to efficiently compare your data in an incremental and fix-oriented perspective. It enables you to get your differences, decide if some are normal and some are not, fix the abnormal ones and setup the tool to ignore the normal ones, then repeat, until the result is acceptable.

Key Benefits

Blu Age Modernization Companion

The Blu Age compare tool allows the modernization team to assert that their migrations are correct and that the modernized process produces the same output as the legacy one.

Lightweight for headless comparison

An Eclipse-integrated UI module is available to setup the comparison parameters, but the core of the compare tool is a lightweight executable, ideal for use in a continuous integration.

Unified tool

With this single tool, you get unified setup for database and file comparison, unified result layout (HTML), and you don’t need to acquire and maintain several tooling.

Flexible database comparison

Compare files, tables but also the results of complex database queries. Since the compare tool operates on SQL result sets, use all the power of SQL to get advanced data.

Compare mis-sorted files

Specify one or more columns as row identifiers, and the tool will compare the correct rows regardless of their position in the file. Avoid comparing apples and oranges!

Acceptable differences

Tired of your comparison failing because a “last update date” has changed on all your rows? Remove this date column from your comparison, or at least flag it as an acceptable difference.

Supported input data format

  • Text files with delimited columns (such as csv)
  • Text files with fixed-length columns
  • General not-columned text files (reports…)
  • Data bases. Supported for now are Postgres, Sql Server, MySql, Oracle, DB2