Blu Age Factory

Blu Age Factory allows you to produce your own modernization and development tools in order to address non-standard languages and targeted technologies. It expands Blu Age modernization and developement capabilities to an almost unlimited range of available technical configurations.

Blu Age Factory widens the field of possibilities

Here at blu Age, we believe in some frameworks as the best-of-breed for modern digital applications. Still we are commited to open our unique modernization technology to the largest technical configurations. Blu Age Factory is the answer to those who want to cover a wide variety of target architectures or respond to specific technical constraints by themselves.

Using Blu Age Factory is a particularly advantageous economic equation for:

  • Integrators wishing to safely address on their own (non-regression tests are provided) the various configurations requested by their customers and to integrate the latest development standards as quickly as possible;
  • Large companies or state administrations with specific programming standards or subject to security standards.

With Blu Age Factory, you are able to address specific needs with efficiency and autonomy with an almost unlimited range of available technical configurations and you save time for deploying your last development standards.

The Factory works in combination with our modernization products

Blu Age Factory

It produces new elements smoothly

Producing a new generation workflow with Blu Age Factory requires:

  • An application or code example built on the desired standard and that shows the design patterns to implement;
  • The test cases to validate the behavior of the application used as a reference.

Once the knowledge base is updated, the acceptance testing of the new generation workflow is done as follows:

  • Automatic generation of the target code reproducing the example cases;
  • Validation of the patterns compliance and of the correct execution of the reference application according to the functional tests;
  • SonarQube™ tools systematically audit the generated code according to quality market standards.
    With Blu Age Factory, this process can be performed by an experienced team within a minimum of time.

Available as a product, Blu Age Factory is also available as a service should you wish to benefit from a customized service without investing in your own meta modeling.