Blu Age Velocity

Automatic conversion and refactoring.
From Cobol, PL/1, RPG and related data files/database to Java/Javascript.

Blu Age Velocity Framework

Blu Age Velocity shortens your modernization projects from years to months and substantially accelerates the adoption of modern and scalable Cloud architecture.

Key Benefits

High Automation Degree

Automatic and unique interpretation of the legacy source code guaranteeing correct mapping with the modern technology and completely removing human errors.

Built for Digital Native Developers

No expertise in legacy languages is required. Digital native developers are released from the burden of legacy technologies. They can rather focus on adding new features.

Like-for-Like Modernization

The modernized application is guaranteed to match the function of the legacy application which accelerates testing and eliminates user retraining.

Designed for Performance

Blu Age Velocity is designed and optimized to transform millions of lines of code and data in few minutes.

High Code Quality

The generated modernized code is rated AAA with SonarQube using the standard configuration.

Refactoring & Extension

The modernized Java application is natively ready to integrate new added value features leveraging new technologies and frameworks.

A Rocket to the Cloud

Blu Age Velocity is an innovative ecosystem which fully automates the modernization of any COBOL, PL/I, RPG400… application into a modern Cloud-ready application. It secures and accelerates the code and the data modernization. Its full automation allows rapid projects, minimizing risks and optimizing budgets with a quick return on investment (ROI) for our customers.

Savings coming from transitioning from a Mainframe MIPS cost structure to Cloud managed services budget structure, typically finance the modernization project in a short period allowing a quicker Return on Investment.

The target architecture leverages Cloud built-in managed services, containers and serverless technology.

Each generated service is elastic minimizing system administrator tasks. It adapts to the client demand automatically ensuring availability and good performance of services while consuming only the necessary resources.

Blu Age Velocity overview - part 2

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Blu Age Velocy - Automatic Mainframe modernization Workflow

Rapid changes in business require agile software and information systems with proven adaptive capabilities. The digital world requires an increasing demand for reactivity: IT systems must elevate the business instead of, as it has often happened in the past, being a source of inertia. Blu Age Velocity leverages the analysis outcomes generated by Blu Age Analyzer to optimize the efficiency and results of the application modernization.

Key Advantages

  • Lower modernization budgets - Blu Age Velocity average price is below 1 Euro per line of code. The savings for customers are substantial: a Velocity modernization project is 4 to 10 times cheaper than projects using other solutions/techniques while respecting the highest standards.
  • Faster modernization projects - Within Blu Age Velocity, one developer can transform and test an average of 200 000 lines of code in one month compared to a maximum of 10 000 using any other solutions. You will be able to migrate a legacy application in a few months compared to a couple of years using alternative options.
  • Significant IT Cost Reductions - Moving from the costly Mainframe ecosystem in a shorter period (lifespan of the modernization project) increases the savings for customers. Save on computing power, eliminate runtime fees and lower maintenance costs by the adoption of pay-as-you-go Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud-native Target Technologies

Blu Age Velocity leverages both the technical and financial added-value of public Clouds while preserving the knowledge and the effectiveness of the business rules accumulated over years in the legacy successive refining.

From legacy to Cloud native technologies

Experienced by large companies

Blu Age Velocity has been successfully used to modernize large and complex COBOL, RPG and PL/I applications.


Together we can define a subset of your source code and data to demonstrate the capabilities of Blu Age Velocity within a set budget and timeframe that meets your modernization KPIs. Contact us for a Proof-of-Concept.

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