Blu Genius

Manage, secure and automate applications’ modernization projects

Blu Genius

Blu Genius is a complete modernization ecosystem powered by Blu Age Analyzer and Blu Age Velocity. It automates a full modernization project including legacy portfolio assessment, code analysis, migration of code and data to a Cloud-native target architecture.

Blu Genius is Cloud-agnostic, i.e. it can be deployed and used on your favorite Cloud platform.

Spin up instances of Blu Genius within few clicks and start your mainframe modernization on AWS.
Blu Genius automates and secures your Azure migration path using a proven technology.
Oracle Cloud
Secured, Automated and Accelerated Mainframe COBOL to Oracle Cloud Native Migration.
Google Cloud
Leverage Google Cloud features while experiencing automated Cobol2Java refactoring with BluGenius.
Blu Genius - Automatic Migration of mainframe applications

Legacy software modernization is a time consuming and expertise intensive activity. Blu Genius both secures and accelerates the migration from the Mainframes to the target Cloud built-in services in minimizing project risks and costs. Customers connect to the Blu Genius platform, create new projects, upload source code to a secured environment and follow a proven methodological workflow; an efficient transformation process with no need of expertise in the legacy language. Blu Genius Toolchain leverages both of Blu Age Analyzer and Blu Age Velocity as well as a bench of proven tools such as Maven, SonarQube, Selenium and Jacoco among others.

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