Procedural Applications conversion to Digital

Easily transform legacy mainframe applications and databases into digital architecture.
From COBOL (IBM, FUJITSU, UNISYS, BULL, MICROFOCUS, etc), generated COBOL (PACBASE, CA:GEN/COOL:GEN, CARIATIDES, etc), scripting languages (JCL, ECL, etc), PL/1, NATURAL, ... to Java, JavaScript & .Net.

Blu Age Legacy Procedural to Cloud

Blu Age Legacy Procedural to Cloud allows you to industrially modernize the batch and transactional applications developed in procedural languages, into the OO languages Java EE and .NET.
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Blu Age Velocity Framework

Blu Age Velocity Framework has been designed to boost your Cobol & PL/1 applications conversion projects to Digital.
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Blu Age Data & Database Modernization

Blu Age Data & Database Modernization is a modernization tool set that automates the migration of databases and data allowing them to be standardized. This Blu Age product allows for joint modernization of the data format and database schema.
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