Serverless Cobol

Run COBOL functions on AWS Lambda. Fast, Simple & Scalable.

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Blu Age is pleased to announce support for running functions written in COBOL on AWS Lambda.

This solution allows customers with existing mainframe systems to migrate or extend components of their business applications to a serverless architecture without having to rewrite all of the business logic in a new language. Using AWS Lambda to run compute jobs provides significant infrastructure and operational cost savings over legacy deployment models.

Key Benefits

Continuous scaling

AWS Lambda automatically scales your application automatically. Your code runs in parallel and processes each event individually, scaling precisely with the size of the workload.

No servers to manage

Just upload your deployment package, do not provision or manage servers nor containers.

Never pay for idle

You are charged for every 100ms your code executes and the number of times your code is triggered. You do not pay anything when your code is not running.

Polyglot architecture

Your COBOL code behaves as a regular API, and as such, it consumes and responds to other services transparently independent of programming languages.

Micro service architecture

Blu Age Serverless COBOL in conjunction with AWS Lambda makes it easy to decompose monolithic legacy applications into microservices which can be deployed, operated, and scaled independently.

The Blu Age Serverless Cobol solution leverages the recently released AWS Lambda Layers feature to provide a set of runtime libraries for running COBOL functions on top of the native Lambda Java 8 runtime. The solution uses Blu Age’s custom compiler to build a Lambda function deployment package from the provided COBOL source code. This package can then be deployed to Lambda in a customer’s AWS account using the provided layer.

This approach significantly reduces the cost required to migrate legacy application code to AWS Lambda allowing customers to take advantage of the features and benefits of the Lambda platform.

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Note: Trial version is limited to 5 source files and 5 Mega Bytes of source code.