Serverless Cobol

Run COBOL functions on AWS Lambda

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Blu Age Serverless

Simplify mainframe COBOL migration to AWS Lambda Serverless COBOL gives you the ability to embrace modern digital technologies, cloud elasticity, and AWS best-in-class services.

It manages and fully automates mainframe COBOL applications, their databases, and their files system transformation into a serverless architecture with the same features and behavior than in the legacy. Developers can run COBOL-based functions on AWS’ native Java runtime and use Blu Age’s compiler to build Lambda deployment packages from COBOL source code. This package can then be deployed to Lambda in a customer’s AWS account using the provided layer. To ease the migration process, Bluage offers a migration assessment guide , migration tools to help manage the full life cycle of the migration.

Key Benefits

Polyglot architecture

Your COBOL code behaves as a regular API, and as such, it consumes and responds to other services transparently independent of programming languages.

Micro service architecture

Blu Age Serverless COBOL in conjunction with AWS Lambda makes it easy to decompose monolithic legacy applications into microservices which can be deployed, operated, and scaled independently.

Cost optimization

This approach significantly reduces the cost required to migrate legacy application code to AWS Lambda allowing customers to take advantage of the features and benefits of the Lambda platform.

How it works

1. Setup environment

Visual Studio Code was chosen as the target IDE.

  • Install VS Code
  • Install VSIX Plugin

2. Compile COBOL source code

The compilation process is launch using the Blu Age COBOL Compilation command.

  • Configure VSIX plugin
  • Compile project

3. Setup lambda function

Create, setup and test Lambda function Using the AWS Console.

  • Create and setup lambda function
  • Configure test events and launch test

A short story of serverless COBOL for AWS

At AWS Summit Tokyo 2019, in partnership with Accenture Japan, we demonstrated how we managed to migrate a CICS Online COBOL application into a serverless web application, relying on Lambda functions for the backend.

Try Serverless Cobol

Serverless COBOL is open to free trial to early adopters, trial duration is 1 month.

If you do not register for trial you will not have access to the REST APIs.
Note: Trial version is limited to 5 source files and 5 Mega Bytes of source code.