Professional Services

A sound and well-designed project roadmap must achieve the key objectives of modernization, including increased agility, shorter time-to-market, cost savings and reduced security risks, among others.

Applications Portfolio Analysis

Based on the legacy source code and associated data structure schemas, our experts leverage Blu Age Analyzer in order to investigate in depth your applications to optimize their maintenance and/or to plan a reliable modernization project. Multiple deliverables are provided including various metrics (number of lines of code, programs, complexity...), comprehensive mappings of your applications, refactoring options and complexity impact analysis, key elements to define your data and program based strategy, user friendly graphical view of your assets to improve maintainability, full "Health Bulletin" of your application portfolio with complete list of programs requiring a treatment, etc.

Legacy Applications Modernization

With direct involvement in dozens of modernization projects in multiple legacy languages and in various industries, Blu Age modernization experts deliver first-class professional services leveraging Blu Age Velocity or Blu Age Classic. The modernized application ensures full independency from paid runtimes, high-quality code (rate A in SonarQube), equal (often higher) execution performance, meaningful and maintainable source code as if it were written from scratch, etc.

Let's start with a Proof-of-Concept (POC)?

Within 6 to 8 weeks, we demonstrate that Blu Age professional services meet all the expected KPIs regarding the quality, maintainability, performance, delay, cost (ROI) and level of effectiveness. There are multiple benefits from doing a POC:

  • Experience the power of our transformation engines and iterative modernization process.
  • Evaluate the relevance of their own acceptance process and rules before the project starts.
  • Identify and assemble appropriate legacy artifacts.
  • Mitigate risks at the project start validate deliverables.

Modernization Training

Whether online or onsite, our experienced Blu Age consultants share their experience, lessons learned and best practices on the tools and methodologies for efficient modernization projects including assessment, migration, management, test and validation, deployment, etc.

Legacy applications modernization courses

Online self-training

In order to provide more flexibility and time saving to its clients and partners, Blu Age offers its courses as online self-training. Self-training modules include the video recorded course, hands-on exercises on a virtual "sandbox" environment and the electronic course material.

Legacy applications modernization courses

Onsite training

Training sessions take place at Blu Age premises in Europe and US or directly at the customers or partners premises. All training courses are delivered by a Certified Blu Age trainer with deep experience in large modernization projects.

Get started with training on Blu Age modernization technologies and Cloud architecture design.

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