Application Portfolio Assessment

In depth analysis of your Legacy applications

Why use Blu Age to assess my Legacy application portfolio?

The starting point for any system modernization is the full inventory of legacy application artifacts (program and data) and determining which are candidates for transformation. It is crucial to detail the actual relationships between every legacy component of every application. To efficiently achieve this, Blu Age provides a powerful analysis solution, Blu Age Analyzer, and proven methods to discover and size the level of complexity of your legacy application. As a result, it delivers the best strategy for automating the transformation to a modern Java or. NET Core architecture. This assessment applies whether the target architecture is on-premise with or without a private Cloud, or on public or hybrid Cloud. Blu Age uses the same process for defining the legacy application refactoring required to create microservices.

Key Benefits

Accurate understanding of the legacy application topology, complexity, and the best modernization approach to create a microservice-based application using a Java or .NET Core architecture.

Mapping of the actual technical design of the legacy application in production.

Detailed analysis of the technology debt and listing of dead programs.

Interactive, comprehensive, and meaningful information to support the development of a detailed project management plan.

Definition of logical work packages to plan and organize the plan of transformation.

Main deliverables

Based on the legacy source code and associated data structure schemas, our experts leverage Blu Age Analyzer in order to investigate in depth your applications to optimize their maintenance and/or to plan a reliable modernization project. As a result, multiple deliverables are provided. It includes a set of usefully metrics including the number of lines of code, programs, complexity analysis, a comprehensive mapping of technical design of your applications, a full “Health Bulletin” of your application portfolio, definition of the work packages to plan and organize the transformation work, list of dead program, and more.