Digital Transformation

Blu Age Lab
Beyond the “like for like modernization”, Blu Age professional services provides expertise and technical consulting for upgrading the functionality of your modernized legacy application.

This includes projects such as re-factoring with micro-services, new UI with responsive design, adding Google or Amazon Digital Assistants, Data lakes or leveraging managed services from public cloud provider when applicable.

What is Blu Age Lab ?

Skilled Experts

Blu Age Lab is made of experienced experts combining business and technical skills.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Blu Age Lab unlocks new value from emerging technologies: Digital Assistants, Chatbot, Big Data…

Agile Process

Blu Age Lab expands on DevOps ready design of the modernized application to fully implement Agile, DevOps, and other iterative methodologies.

Digital technologies have not only enabled the boom of social networks, but they have also completely changed the User eXperiences. Blu Age’s solutions and expertise accelerates the adoption of new Digital features. Once refactored with Blu Age, your legacy application has been transformed into a modern layered, DevOps ready and microservice enabled which will positively improve your users experience while reducing your IT cost and making your business process more efficient.

Implementing Cloud managed services

When applicable the integration of Managed Services from your Cloud Providers brings lot of benefits to your information system. It saves costs and makes your application management significantly easier providing a better overall service level to your users. Blu Age Lab experts can suggest and implement the most appropriate managed services for your case.

Innovative User Experience

Thanks to “functional like for like” automated transformation, the modern application can be validated and adopted by end-users without the need for specific training or intensive testing. Additionally, the new-layered architecture offers the possibility to re-shape the User eXperience in adding new layouts or new features such as responsive design capabilities for a mobile-friendly UI.

New Interactive Platforms

Voice and Text-controlled UI enabled with Digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, have enhanced User eXperience and can be plugged into your modernized application. Applications modernized within Blu Age are ready to benefit from this revolution.

Microservices-based Architecture

Deconstructing legacy monolithic application to Microservices is not a click and point process. Blu Age Lab has built a methodology to support and accelerate such architecture refactoring as part of the modernization process. See the article: How to Peel Mainframe Monoliths for AWS Microservices with Blu Age on AWS.