Legacy Application Modernization

Automated code & data conversion to Java/.Net
Blu Age provides software together with proven methodologies, best practices and expertise to modernize your Legacy Applications and data.

Blu Age Velocity Framework
Blu Age Classic

It is time to enter the real Digital era

While every private or public organization is constantly struggling to optimize its IT budget, the maintenance cost of legacy applications is sky rocketing and jeopardizing your ability to invest in project supporting new business requirements to address the ever-evolving needs of the modern digital marketplace. Since legacy applications continue to run most of business activities around the world, their ongoing maintenance is mandatory. Because of this, CIO’s have to face the increasing risks and costs associated with the technology debt built-in to legacy applications and the increasing scarcity of skills to support both the applications and the systems they run on. The best solution for solving these issues is to transform and re-architect the legacy application into modern object oriented applications based on a modern Java or .NET Core architecture and leveraging the Cloud. Blu Age is making this happen every day. Capitalizing on more than a decade of successful projects, Blu Age’s automated modernization solution is the most reliable, cost effective and secure path for enabling the transformation of legacy systems. Blu Age solutions covers a large scope of legacy language from mainframe to client server and has been design to let regular Java or .NET developers to perform every transformation tasks, without requiring any skills about the legacy language.

Why modernize my Legacy application portfolio with Blu Age?

Leveraging years of experience from completing successful modernization projects in many different business sectors, Blu Age modernization experts deliver first-class professional services leveraging Blu Age Velocity or Blu Age Classic technologies with a constant focus on efficiency, reliability and quality. Every application modernized by Blu Age contains independently verified high-quality code (rated with AAA in SonarQube) with at least equivalent performance and a meaningful maintainable source code ready for Cloud and DevOps architecture.

Fast, reliable, accurate, open & cost effective

Leveraging the Blu Age patented solution set, we provide reliable, and affordable Modernization Services. Blu Age knows that seeing is believing so we provide two ways to experience our modernization process and see the results. You can either sign up for a self-guided free trial of our BluGenius automated modernization from AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud market places or contact us about a more tailored Proof of Concept using a subset of your own application.

Blu Age offers turnkey delivery and implementation services as fixed price projects, which can be tailored to your needs, these services could cover all or part of the modernization project and beyond. As a result, Blu Age allows you to:

  • Control budget and planning for your legacy modernization;
  • Secure the quality of the deliverables through the quality gate chain;
  • Avoid any risks of failure in the migration;
  • Benefit from the power of the modern technologies with minimal impact for users;
  • Capitalize on business assets embedded in legacy applications;
  • Provide agility of your business management processes;
  • Mitigate future technological obsolescence in leveraging the model driven architecture resulting from the Blu Age transformation.