Tailor made modernization tooling

Expansion and maintenance of the Blu Age knowledge bases and transformations.
With our Meta modeling tools and expertise, Blu Age consultants provide on demand tailor-made solutions for your situation.

For example: generate using a specific Java EE framework, extract business functionalities from an orphan COBOL dialect or finally develop a conversion from an uncommon legacy language. Enriching a set of patterns specific to a legacy application or expanding transformations or generation workflows to comply with your development standards are other possibilities.

Changing architectures and reinforcing agility

Legacy application portfolios, even if they have been designed and developed in a particular programming language, display considerable heterogeneity. Combined with our Legacy2Cloud products, Blu Age Factory addresses virtually all the various needs for modernization into Java EE of .NET, allowing:

  • Ex nihilo development of a bespoke application generator,
  • Expansion of the technological and/or functional coverage of Blu Age tools.

Available as a product, Blu Age Factory is also available as a service should you wish to benefit from a customized service without investing in specific and deep expertise.
For example, the production process for a Blu Age generator for Java EE requires:

  • A representative code sample, that demonstrates the main design patterns to implement and test cases to validate the applicative behavior of the sample,
  • Or more simply a model application that will be used as a reference.

Once the knowledge base is updated and the new generator built, its acceptance testing is done with the generated code by the new generator, on the basis of UML2 models extracted from the sample code. Then SonarQube™ allows monitoring and control of its quality compared to the sample results. Regression testing of the Blu Age tools functionality developed with our Factories verifies that the tools' expansion did not bring dysfunctions in your Blu Age products.
Adding a new legacy language's grammar to the Blu Age Factory technology requires about 100 man-days for our expert teams. The development of a new generating cartridge for our forward engineering tools involves about 30 to 60 man-days.

In addition to these services, Blu Age Software provides the following services:


Blu Age certified consultants train your staff to use the Blu Age Factory and to Meta modeling concepts as well as the modernization and the model driven development, during a structured training course adapted to various project profiles.
Virtual "sandbox" environments are available on the Cloud, allowing extension of your teams' training and learning experiences of the Blu Age technology.


During the Third Party Maintenance, Blu Age Software maintains:

  • Tools expanded with Blu Age Factory (e.g. frameworks upgrades, etc.)
  • Application generator developed ex nihilo (e.g. technical upgrades, functional evolutions, etc.)

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