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 CBatchStatusStatuses of a batch execution.
 CDefaultJobKeyGeneratorDefault implementation of the IJobKeyGenerator<JobParameters> interface.
 CEntityBatch Domain Entity class. Any class that should be uniquely identifiable from another should subclass from Entity. More information on this pattern and the difference between Entities and Value Objects can be found in Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans.
 CExitStatusValue object used to carry information about the status of a job or step execution. ExitStatus is immutable and therefore thread-safe.
 CIJobA Job's contract.
 CIJobExecutionListenerProvide callbacks at specific points in the lifecycle of an IJob. Implementations can be stateful if they are careful to either ensure thread safety, or to use one instance of a listener per job, assuming that job instances themselves are not used by more than one thread.
 CIJobKeyGeneratorStrategy interface for the generation of the key used in identifying unique JobInstance .
 CIJobParametersIncrementerInterface for obtaining the next JobParameters in a sequence.
 CIJobParametersValidatorStrategy interface for an IJobto use in validating its parameters for an execution.
 CIStepBatch domain interface representing the configuration of a step. As with the Job, an IStep is meant to explicitly represent the configuration of a step by a developer, but also the ability to execute the step.
 CIStepExecutionListenerListener interface for the lifecycle of an IStep.
 CIStepListenerMarker interface that acts as a parent to all step domain listeners, such as IStepExecutionListener.
 CJobExecutionBatch domain object representing the execution of a job.
 CJobExecutionExceptionRoot of exception hierarchy for checked exceptions in job and step execution. Clients of the Job should expect to have to catch and deal with these exceptions because they signal a user error, or an inconsistent state between the user's instructions and the data.
 CJobInstanceBatch domain object representing a uniquely identifiable job run. JobInstance can be restarted multiple times in case of execution failure and it's lifecycle ends with first successful execution
 CJobInterruptedExceptionException to indicate the the job has been interrupted. The exception state indicated is not normally recoverable by batch application clients, but internally it is useful to force a check. The exception will often be wrapped in a runtime exception (usually UnexpectedJobExecutionException before reaching the client.
 CJobParameterDomain representation of a parameter to a batch job. Only the following types can be parameters: String, Long, Date, and Double. The identifying flag is used to indicate if the parameter is to be used as part of the identification of a job instance. as org.springframework.batch.core.JobParameter
 CJobParametersValue object representing runtime parameters to a batch job. Because the parameters have no individual meaning outside of the JobParameters they are contained within, it is a value object rather than an entity. It is also extremely important that a parameters object can be reliably compared to another for equality, in order to determine if one JobParameters object equals another. Furthermore, because these parameters will need to be persisted, it is vital that the types added are restricted. This class is immutable and therefore thread-safe.
 CJobParametersBuilderHelper class for creating JobParameters. Useful because all JobParameter objects are immutable, and must be instantiated separately to ensure typesafety. Once created, it can be used in the same was a StringBuilder (except, order is irrelevant), by adding various parameter types and creating a valid JobParameters once finished. Using the identifying flag indicates if the parameter will be used in the identification of a JobInstance. That flag defaults to true.
 CJobParametersInvalidExceptionException for Job to signal that some JobParameters are invalid.
 CJobStarterJob starter. Used to start or re-start jobs
 CStartLimitExceededExceptionIndicates the step's start limit has been exceeded.
 CStepConstantsIStep constants.
 CStepContributionRepresents a contribution to a StepExecution, buffering changes until they can be applied at a chunk boundary.
 CStepExecutionBatch domain object representation the execution of a step. Unlike JobExecution, there are additional properties related the processing of items such as commit count, etc.
 CStepListenerConstantConstant holder for IStepListener interface.
 CUnexpectedJobExecutionExceptionIndicates to the framework that a critical error has occurred and processing should immediately stop.
 CConnectionProviderImplementation of IConnectionProvider that relies on ConnectionUtil to manager connections.
 CConverterUtility class for converting data to unify the type of the values read from the database providers.
 CDatabaseExtensionManagerStatic class to manage support to different databases.
 CDataRecordWrapperUtility class to handle data conversion from a IDataRecord.
 CDb2ExtensionExtension for DB2 support (provider name "IBM.Data.DB2").
 CDbOperatorDedicated database operations. Most services that need to interact with a database should be using the methods exposed by this operator.
 CIConnectionProviderInterface to provide a connection. The Connection property is expected to return an open connection, but implementatons have complete control over the lifetime of the connection.
 CIDatabaseExtensionInterface to add support for a database. Implementations should have a parameter-less constructor so they can be automatically registered by DatabaseExtensionManager.
 COracleExtensionExtension for Oracle support.
 CParsedQueryA class for parsing parameters of an SQL query. Parameters are expected to be named and have '@' or ':' as a prefix. The specified IPlaceholderGetter is used to replace the parameters in the substituted query.
 CSqlServerExtensionExtension for SQL Server support (provider name "System.Data.SqlClient").
 CAbstractExecutionListenerCommon implementation of the pre processor, processor and post processor. Manages step and job contexts.
 CBatchConstantsConstants used in extra batch support classes.
 CContextManagerUsed to manage objects cache in Jobs/Steps. The execution context contains information on the current Job/Step being executed.
 CContextManagerUnityLoaderUnity loader registering context managers.
 CDateParserThe default date parser
 CDummyItemReaderDummy reader that will always return a unique result (DefaultResult).
 CDummyItemWriterWriter which does nothing on purpose.
 CIBooleanEncoderInterface for boolean encoders
 CIContextManagerInterface for context manager
 CIDateParserInterface for date parsers.
 CIItemConditionAn Item Condition used to write records conditionally.
 CWriterResourceManagerPrepares the step by initalizing the process writers called inside
 CZeroOneBooleanEncoderSimple boolean encoder returning "0" or "1"