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Chapter 1. Introduction

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Summer Batch Introduction

The idea behind Summer Batch is to bring to the .NET community an efficient, open-source, lightweight batch framework, taking full advantages of the C# platform and aimed at fulfilling typical enterprise bulk processing needs. The well known JSR-352 -- despite being java colored -- is the specification we chose to support, at least partially.

Our primary goals are to help users to :

  • migrate smoothly their batch legacy from mainframe to modern Microsoft®-based environments;
  • build new batch solutions to be run on Microsoft®-based environments.

This is the result of a several months collaboration between Accenture and Bluage® Corporation. Accenture has a long experience in dealing with enterprise batch frameworks, on a large set of platforms. Bluage® Corporation is a leading actor in providing legacy modernization solutions. By sharing our experiences, we managed to focus on the very essentials parts of the JSR-352 specification, covering the needs for the large majority of users, in particular in the scope of legacy batch modernization.

As a complement, Bluage® has developed two software solutions:

  • a product to modernize COBOL batches to a Summer Batch solution;
  • a product to craft automatically a Summer Batch solution from an UML2 model.

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