COBOL & PL/1 to Java/Spring

Lower costs, increase agility and reinvigorate the intellectual property and competitive advantages in your business logic

… by transforming it from your legacy mainframe COBOL environment to a modern Java or Microsoft® .NET ecosystem.

The challenge

Mainframe COBOL applications have long been at the center of every large company’s business. Unfortunately, more and more companies are finding that in the digital world their business requirements are evolving faster than their ability to enhance their legacy applications. Additionally, their legacy mainframe hardware and software environments are expensive to maintain and are dependent on dwindling z/OS and COBOL skill sets. Java and Microsoft® .NET provide a new generation of technology, DevOps development processes and abundant resources that solve the agility and sustainability issues of mainframe COBOL applications.

These companies are looking to modernize our current mainframe COBOL Applications and move to an agile, DevOps, digital application solution that can take advantages of scalability and flexibility benefits of the modern on premise or Cloud native environments. The question is how do can they safely and effectively take the mission critical business logic in your existing mainframe COBOL applications and recreate it in a modern Java or Microsoft® .NET ecosystem given the realities of budget and timeframes?

Blu Age provides the technology, process, and experience
to refactor your mainframe COBOL applications into functionally equivalent Cloud enabled Java or .NET ecosystems

Blu Age has the answer. We will help you get the most benefits from your mainframe modernization investment. Our patented architecture driven modernization solution extracts the business logic trapped in your legacy mainframe COBOL applications and creates a technology independent model containing your business rules. Blu Age uses our highly automated and quality controlled modernization process to transform this business rules model into modern Java or Microsoft® .NET applications. The Blu Age solution is a high-quality low-risk transformation that modernizes your business rules without putting the business at risk. At the end of your modernization project, you will have modern digital applications that can take full advantage of modern on premise platforms or Cloud Native features.

Why modernize with Blu Age?

Blu Age has mitigated any risk associated with the transformation from mainframe COBOL to Java or Microsoft® .NET ecosystem. Our patented transformation solution and verification process use DevOps standard tools like Eclipse, Jenkins, Maven, and Git that ensures the maintainability of the transformed code. The modernized Java or Microsoft® .NET will also take advantage of Docker and Kurbernetes for easy deployment and scalability. Blu Age uses a quality gate based on independent industry metrics to ensure that the modernized Java application is functionally equivalent, maintainable, reliable, secure, and performant.

Additionally, Blu Age provides significant advantages over the “as is” lift and shift of your legacy mainframe COBOL. For a similar budget and timeframe, you can transform it into a Java or Microsoft® .NET architecture and completely leverage every technical and financial benefit associated with a modern agile development environment.
Modernizing your mainframe COBOL application with Blu Age will provide you the following:

  • Intelligent automated modernization process to control quality, cost, and duration;
  • Complete modernization of on-line, batch, and background processes including data and utilities;
  • Refactored object-oriented Java or Microsoft® .NET ecosystem application;
  • An agile work package-driven modernization approach that delivers modernized code early in the project and allows for incremental implementations;
  • A quality gate that guarantees functional equivalence, maintainability, reliability, and security of modernized application before delivered for system integration testing;
  • Flexible delivery model to meet the specific needs of your modernization project;
  • An on premise or Cloud Native application and ecosystem that allows you to take full advantage of the best practices in today’s digital IT world;
  • The best modernization value proposition that maximizes application value while minimizing risk, investment and project length.