Migration Strategies

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Blu Age

Relearning, Rearchitecting, re-engineering & refactoring
Predictive strategic change: fixed price, fixed duration, engagement on results

  • Operate a Functional Equivalence migration to adapt to cloud-native requirements.
  • Shift current application architecture to a cloud-native one.
  • Shift from Capex to Opex making 70% of savings including infrastructure, middleware, operations and maintenance cost.
  • Leverage new and better capabilities in maintenance and operations (DevOps pipeline, CD/CI/CT cycles).
  • Decompose then recompose transformed scope into functional business domains, business components, shared components and services.
  • Automatically shift implementation technology to either a Java/Spring or .NET Core cloud-native application.
  • Automatically apply new naming convention and extend transformation to restructure existing algorithm, improve component’s features and structure.
  • Automatically factorize macros (generated legacy code) and reusable functions.
Blu Age Velocity Framework   Blu Age Serverless   Blu Age Classic

Replatforming (recompiling) / re-hosting (emulating)
Infrastructure savings

Migrate an application to another physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure, possibly recompiling it to be redeployed as a new runtime technology or adapting it to the target emulator constraints.

Rebuild / Rewrite (respecifying) / Recode (as-is)
Uncertain strategical change

Recreate application from scratch while preserving its scope and possibly reinvent its lost specifications.

Reinterfacing / Encapsulating / Interoperability

Make existing data and functions available as services via an application programming interface (API) developped on top of current implementation and technology stack.

Repurchasing / replacement
Vendor lock-in move

Drop the existing application then replace it, possibly migrating data and bespoking COTS product to specific requirements and needs.

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