Migration Strategy

It’s time to enter the Digital Era

Save up to 90% on your operation costs

& make your Information System really digital, agile and flexible.

The challenge

In today’s Digital world, many organizations are facing significant challenges. Their decades-old, mainframe-centric application portfolio is expensive, monolithic, rigid, and slow to evolve. Mainframe monoliths have grown over the years with overwhelming complexity. They are usually several million lines of code comprised of a conglomeration of different legacy languages and data stores with various interfaces, evolving coding standards, and poor documentation.

The complexity of these architectures combined with the cost of removing technical debt helps explain why there are still hundreds of billions of lines of COBOL, PL/1 and Natural code being maintained today. It also helps explain why businesses are constrained and limited by their own legacy mainframes.

Mainframes host valuable assets such as processes and rules, data that can fuel innovation, and core-business value - if only they are agile and lean enough. So how do you transform mainframe assets to suppress technical debt, cut costs, and remove inefficiencies? In other words: How do you migrate mainframe assets to private or public Cloud in order to combine both the value of core-business IT assets and the value of Digital?

Blu Age, the most efficient way to migrate your Legacy mainframe to real Digital world!

We offer a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to replatforming (or rehosting), enabling your organization to rapidly capitalize on modern technologies and methodologies, such as Cloud, DevOps, JavaScript, micro-services, Chatbot, and smart assistants.

We use agile and highly automated tools and methods to quickly modernize your legacy applications running on outdated technologies like Mainframe Cobol, Cobol generators (Pacbase, CA:Gen), PL/1 and Natural to high-quality applications on modern technology platforms like Java, JavaScript, and Microsoft® .NET, with at least the same performance.
The Blu Age mainframe decommissioning solution is powered by:

  • Blu Insights, a complete modernization ecosystem leveraging Blu Age Analyzer and Velocity, to secure, automate and manage your journey to Digital,
  • Blu Age Professional Services and Blu Age System Integrator Partners expertise in legacy modernization.

Fast, reliable, accurate, open & cost effective

We provide reliable, repeatable, and affordable Mainframe Application Modernisation Solutions that combine our technical expertise and agile methodology with the intelligence embedded in our patented Blu Age tooling. This combination provides you with the best in breed modernization solution and ensures you get the best combination of high-quality results with a reasonable investment price, and minimal risk. Blu Age offers turnkey delivery and implementation services as fixed price projects. Adaptable for each client’s case, these services could cover all or part of the project.

With our proven solutions modernizing your mainframe applications quickly and at the lowest cost, Blu Age allows you to:

  • Control the modernization budgets;
  • Ensure the quality of the deliverables through the automation of code and data conversion and verification testing;
  • Reduce the risks inherent in this type of project;
  • Benefit from the flexibility of modern technologies with minimal change for users;
  • Capitalize on business assets embedded in legacy applications;
  • Strengthen the agility of your applications;
  • Cut your Datacenter costs by 70% on average after migration.