Legacy client-server applications modernization

Easily transform PowerBuilder & Delphi applications and databases into digital architecture.

Blu Age automates the “Like for Like” conversion

of your legacy PowerBuilder & Delphi applications to Java, JavaScript & .Net Core

The challenge

Applications based on legacy client-server programming languages lack the essential elements of software scalability and adaptability in both design and architecture. Both of which are required to adapt to current digital technologies and prepare for future technologies. Additionally, client-server architectures suffer from particularly high operating costs due to specific issues:

  • Business application evolutions and corrections must be applied on all computing resources, a costly and time-consuming process.
  • Client programs depend on client OS, upgrading the OS must be simultaneous. Some organizations are still using an outdated version of OS, no longer supported, because of a portfolio too big or too complex for evolving.

In contrast, modern thin or rich architectures offered by Blu Age take full advantage of the latest innovations and make the maintenance more agile with a far better cost structure.

Blu Age handles the major concerns of PowerBuilder & Delphi transformation projects

Blu Age will assist you in answering the following key questions about the modernization of your PowerBuilder and Delphi projects:

  • Which target architecture to support the processing constraints from the legacy application?
  • How to extract all of the legacy applications functionalities without proper documentation and without any expertise on the native programming languages?
  • How to audit the completeness and the quality of the digitization into Java EE or .NET Core?

We offer a cost-effective and sustainable “like for like” automated migration solution for PowerBuilder & Delphi, enabling your organization to rapidly capitalize on modern technologies and methodologies, such as Cloud, DevOps, JavaScript, micro-services, Chatbots, and smart assistants.

Key benefits

Industrialized transformation
Highly automated, Blu Age industrializes the development process. Functional specifications represented as UML diagrams are automatically transformed into “ready-to-deploy” application.
Low migration and development costs
The modernization cost per legacy line of code remains generally between 1 to 2 € (excl. testing) for Onshore project and the progressive maintenance costs are reduced by 30 to 50%.
Consistent and high-quality code
As a result from 15 years of continuous investment, Blu Age products generate consistent and high-quality code constantly. Integrated tools allow you to define your own development standards. The error rate per line of code is 10 times lower than those found in rewrite projects
Technological independence
Blu Age digitizes your applications into the target architecture of your choice without any runtime or proprietary classes. Your application portfolio is rescued from obsolescence and from technological dependencies.
“Like for Like” modernization
Blu Age follows a “like for like” modernization approach that allows existing users to take over the new application without retraining.
Strategic business processes optimization and sustainability
Blu Age extracts and optimize your strategic business processes and makes you regain the business knowledge, as UML2 models. With Blu Age, your business processes become agile and maintainable again. They remain adaptive to both current and future technologies. Blu Age models allow you to dynamically document the business logic in your legacy Apps as a lever for increasing business performance instead of trying to keep static documentation up to date.