Modernization Project Management

This online self-training course deals with the modernization project management and teaches best practices to succeed a Blu Age project. It is a fully free of charge training highly recommended for project managers in charge of legacy application modernization leveraging Blu Age technologies and method.
This training course includes six video demonstrations led by a highly experienced Project Director.

The purpose of this course is mainly to help project managers or pre-sales teams learn the key success factors for modernizing legacy applications with Blu Age. Starting with an introduction to application modernization and the Blu Age tooling in then takes them on the path to starting a project, going through the build phase and successfully delivering the modernized application.

This training highlights the key differences between Blu Age modernization and green field development. It is based on an iterative development methodology, with continuous integration and test automation that makes best use of Blu Age tooling. It brings further focus on modernization topics such as release cycles, code freeze, database modernization or new feature development.


This course targets Project Managers, Development Team Leads or Pre-Sales teams that have experience in green field Java or .NET development.