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Blu Age online self-training

Online self-training

In order to provide more flexibility and time saving to its clients and partners, Blu Age offers its courses as online self-training. Self-training modules include the video recorded course, hands-on exercices on a virtual "sandbox" environment and the electronic course material.

Blu Age Institute

Blu Age online self-training

Onsite training

Training sessions take place at Blu Age premises in Europe and US or directly at the customer's or partners's premises. All training courses are delivered by a Certified Blu Age trainer with deep experience in large modernization projects.

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Generating Application

These online self-training courses teach how to model and generate Object Oriented applications using Blu Age with a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach. The participants follow at his own pace a guided learning path that includes hours of video recorded courses enriched with written comments and sound tracks. They define/create the Platform Independent Model (PIM) of a business application then perform application's generations using a Blu Age Forward environment provided on the Cloud.


Modernizing application

We provide online self-training courses to learn how to fully modernize an application using Blu Age software tooling and methodology. Those training courses are self-paced and practice oriented. The participants follow a guided learning path including hours of video recorded courses enriched with written comments and sound tracks, hand-on exercises on a BA environment on the Cloud and remote tutoring provided by a BA expert.


Modernizing data and database

The purpose of this training course is to learn how to fully modernize data and databases with Blu Age. This training is required for architects and DBA in charge of modernizing and migrating legacy databases to modern RDBMS.


Modernization Project Management

The purpose of this course is to help project managers or pre-sales teams learn the key success factors for modernizing legacy applications with Blu Age. Starting with an introduction to application modernization and the Blu Age tooling in then takes them on the path to starting a project, going through the build phase and successfully delivering the modernized application. It highlights what are the key differences with green field development.


Other training courses

Other training courses include presales and marketing training courses, modernization process overview. These are available only as onsite training courses.