Typical use cases

  • To treat large sets of data, with a typical read-process-write repetitive scenario

  • Bulk processing has to be non-interactive, highly efficient and scalable

  • C# your favorite development and runtime platform

Summer Batch provides following notable features (non-exhaustive list -- see chapter 2 for details) :

  • Restartability of failed jobs using a database persisted job repository;

  • Sequential or parallel processing of jobs (scalability support);

  • Mainframe EBCDIC files readers and writers, using COBOL copybooks;

  • File sort capabilities using legacy DFSORT cards semantics;

  • FTP operations support;

  • Email sending support;

  • SQL Scripts invocation support;

  • Mainframe GDG-like facility support;

To achieve this, Summer Batch relies on the following bricks :

  • Microsoft® .NET framework 4.6.1 or higher, using C# as development language;

  • Unity 3.5 as Dependency Injection container (see Unity MSDN page);

  • NLog 4.1.2 (see NLog project home page);