Open-source batch framework for .NET to cover typical bulk processing

Summer Batch is a joint effort of Blu Age and Accenture to bring the C# Community a lightweight, reliable, efficient batch framework based on proven concepts - distributed under the Apache 2 license

Its design has been driven by the concepts exposed in the JSR-352 specification which is a java colored but exposes universal batch concepts.
Its purpose is to help users to:

  • build new batch solutions to be run on Microsoft®-based environments;
  • provide modern architecture patterns that facilitates migrating batch to modern Microsoft®-based environments.

Blu Age has developed a companion product to modernize Cobol Batches to a Summer Batch target, part of the Legacy Procedural to Cloud family. Feel free to contact us to get more details.

Getting started

To get started with Summer Batch usage, you can follow this online guide.
Pre-Requisites: be familiar with the C# development using Visual Studio (2013 version).

Learn more - PDF version



The current GA is the 1.1.6 - november 2017 Release.
The Summer Batch binaries can be checked out from (
The sources can be browsed and downloaded from github (, as well as issues tracking.